Rat Bastard – Bloody Mary Mix


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The Only Way to Mix Bloody Mary Cocktails.

Kickstart your brunch with the boldest flavors you’ve ever dared to taste. Rat Bastard Bloody Mary Mix is not just any drink—it’s a rebellion in a bottle, crafted for the audacious spirit in you. This weekend, elevate your gathering with a splash of spice, a touch of zest, and the purest ingredients. Rat Bastard Bloody Mary Mix is not just any drink—it’s a rebellion in a bottle.

Appearance: This Bloody Mary mix presents with a rich, deep red hue, characteristic of its robust tomato puree base. Flecks of spices and the subtle green of finely diced pickled onions and dill offer a visual promise of the complex flavors to come.

Aroma: The initial olfactory encounter reveals a bold and inviting blend of aromatics. The tanginess of the Worcestershire sauce and distilled white vinegar melds harmoniously with the earthy depth of molasses. Subtle notes of garlic powder and pickled garlic provide a pungent undertone, while the freshness of dill and the unmistakable kick of horseradish offer an invigorating complexity.

Taste: On the palate, the Spicy Dill Rat Bastard Bloody Mary Mix is a masterful symphony of flavors. The savory richness of tomato is perfectly balanced with the vegan Worcestershire sauce’s umami depth, complemented by the sweet darkness of molasses. The acidity from both natural and distilled white vinegar cuts through, providing a bright contrast that elevates the entire tasting experience. The spices, alongside the tangy tamarind extract and the sharpness of pickled onions, create a multidimensional flavor profile. The dill’s freshness and the fiery punch of horseradish round out the drink, leaving a pleasantly spicy and lingering aftertaste.

Texture: The mix has a smooth, velvety texture with just the right viscosity, allowing the flavors to coat the palate fully without being overly thick. The inclusion of finely diced pickled ingredients adds a subtle textural complexity that is both satisfying and intriguing.

Overall Impression: The Spicy Dill Rat Bastard Bloody Mary Mix is an audacious and flavor-packed concoction that respects the traditional Bloody Mary’s spirit while boldly venturing into new taste territories. Its balance of savory, sweet, acidic, and spicy components, coupled with the fresh kick of dill and horseradish, makes it a standout choice for those seeking a truly unique and memorable Bloody Mary experience. Whether enjoyed on its own or as the base for a cocktail, this mix promises to deliver a taste sensation that is both invigorating and deeply satisfying.

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