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Special Events & Catering

Kindred Spirits is here to bring a wide variety of Alcohol Free Adult Beverages to your special event, wedding, corporate event, or get together.

Help your guests enjoy more than a soda, they can enjoy a mocktail that tastes like a cocktail without the guilt, alcohol, or stress.

Options for Your Event No Matter The Size

10 – 500+  Ask Us About Our Large Group Discount.

We can help you pick out the perfect recipes and beverages to complement your meal, and for your guests to enjoy. 

We can teach you how to mix them yourself or refer you to a AF Bar Tender. 



Birthday Celebrations
Corporate Events
Non-Profit Fundraising Dinners
And More


Why Serve Alcohol-Free Beverages at Your Special Event

Having alcohol-free options beyond the traditional flavored seltzer water or soda can enhance the experience of your guests, without compromising on flavor.

Combining our alcohol-free options with the right ingredients provides AF versions of the most popular drinks including:

  • Rose Wine
  • Mojito’s with AF Rum
  • Moscow Mule with AF Vodka
  • Mimosas with AF Champagne
  • Manhattan with AF Bourbon & Vermouth
  • Margarita with AF Tequilla
  • Old Fashion with AF Bourbon
  • And so much more!

We even have bitters that make creating AF beverages and drinks easy, so that everyone has a drink to enjoy! 

Whatever Type of Drink You Want to Have Available at Your Special Event, We are Here to Help!

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