Rat Bastard Bloody Mary Mix


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Dominica Schiro was born in Italy, 1927 and brought her family’s love of cooking with her to Chicago in 1951. Dominica was known for her signature Bloody Mary mix, which became popular in the local community. Using fresh herbs and spices that she grew in her own garden. Her mix was in high demand, and soon she began to sell it to local bars and restaurants.

Dominica’s son Paul inherited his mother’s passion for mixology and worked alongside her in perfecting the recipe. Paul had a rebellious streak, however, and he wanted to give the mix a more daring name to reflect his personality. He rebranded the mix as “Rat Bastard,” and to his surprise, it was a hit. The name made it stand out in a crowded market, and soon it became one of the most popular Bloody Mary mixes in the city.

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