Sheffield – Vintage Dry Sparkling Apple Cider


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Crafting a non-alcoholic “dry” beverage is an art, demanding meticulous attention to detail. Unlike traditional “dry” hard ciders achieved through sugar fermentation, our dedication to staying alcohol-free means we approach this with utmost care. It necessitates a precise combination of the right apple varieties, picked at the exact moment. This blend calls for a medley of cider apple varieties, handpicked during the early harvest season when sugar content is minimal. Any delay in harvesting would lead to a transformation into our Classic Sweet blend. This is where our expertise in apple cultivation truly shines. We possess the knowledge to select apples that, if picked even a few days later, would yield an entirely different cider. Thanks to its “dry” characteristics, our cider remains light and complements any meal flawlessly. It’s a testament to our commitment to delivering a crisp, refreshing experience without the need for alcohol.

Sheffield takes pride in their unwavering identity as cultivators, devoted to the art of agriculture. Our cider is crafted exclusively from apples grown on our esteemed farm nestled in the heart of Washington state, a region renowned for its longstanding tradition of apple cultivation.  Catering to a diverse range of preferences, we cultivate a vast collection of 14 distinct commercial apple types and an impressive array of 40 cider-specific varieties. Our cider apples are meticulously grown and harvested to ensure the quality and excellence of our cider. So go ahead and indulge in a bottle of our cider – we guarantee it’s been crafted with the perfect ingredients to create a one-of-a-kind taste experience.

Sparkling Vintage Dry Apple Cider - Non-alcoholic

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